• Sticky Food 8 Heads Multihead Weigher

Sticky Food 8 Heads Multihead Weigher

Hopper Volume:0.8L/1.5LSingle Weigh:20g-1000g
Max. Speed:≤50BPMAverage Tolerance:0.5g-3g


Sticky Food 8 Heads Multihead Weigher is specially designed for sticky and fresh products, difficult moving products such as fresh meat, preserved food, cooked rice, etc. Automatic feeder is optional according to materials, vibration, screw or conveyor are available.

Spicy fish, Sour bean, Pickles, dried radish and other material with sauce; jelly fish, poultry, meat.......etc which are processed with sauce, materials not easy to move by vibration.


Main Feature

Screw feeding and scraper hopper for extra sticky products, also ensure the taste for pre-mixed food with sauce.

Interchangeable hopper design enables easy maintenance and washdown.

Optional extra sets of screw feeder for different products.

Compact design minimize the footprint.

By using belt conveyor, minimize the sticking on the traditional collecting chute.


Hopper No.8
Machine CategoryOscillation feeding pattern/Screw feeding pattern/Belt feeding pattern
Max. Weighing Speed (WPM)≤40BPM
Average Tolerance0.5g-3g
Hopper Volume800ml
Max.Single Discharge1600ml
Single Weigh20g-1000g
Single Max Length≤90mm
Water ProofIP65
Preset Number Program99
Display10.4 inch TFT colour screen
PowerSingle AC 220±10%; 50/60Hz; 1.3KW

A Sticky Food 8 Heads Multihead Weigher is a type of industrial weighing machine specifically designed for the packaging of sticky food products. These types of foods are known for their stickiness and can be challenging to weigh and package using traditional multihead weighers. The machine uses 8 individual weighing heads or buckets to weigh and dispense small quantities of sticky food products, such as candy, chocolate, and other confections.

This type of machine is commonly used in the food industry for precise and efficient weighing and dispensing of sticky food products. The machine operates by using a combination of computer algorithms and mechanical systems to quickly and accurately weigh and dispense the product. It can be programmed to dispense specific amounts of sticky food depending on the weight of each package and the desired weight of the final product. To handle sticky food, the machine may have special designs like vibration or brush to prevent clogging of the product. The machine can also be equipped with additional features such as memory hoppers, which allow it to store a certain amount of product in a hopper or container and dispense it when needed. This feature can increase the speed of the packaging process and reduce downtime.

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