Cannabis Packing Machine

Accubalscale provide Super precision weigher for low target weight of cannabis at high speed, specially for the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

Main Feature:

• One of smallest and most precise multihead weigher in the world.

• Ultra-low target weights at high speed and unbelievable accuracy.

• Target weights from 0.5to 50g at speeds of up to 120 weighmentsper minute.

• Weight measures as low as 0.01g,target weights as low as 0.5g, accuracy as low as 0.03g.

• Applied 4.0 generation software advanced technologies, faster and more accurate than ever before, easier to clean and simpler to operate.

Accubal can weigh:




Milled cannabis (shake)

Cannabis Packing Machine

Accubal Super Precision Weigher | 0.03g Accuracy


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