Cannabis Multihead weighing Solutions

Accubalscale provide Super precision weigher for low target weight of cannabis at high speed, specially for the legal cannabis and hemp industries. A cannabis multihead scale is a type of scale specifically designed for weighing and measuring the weight of cannabis products. It is called a "multihead" scale because it typically has multiple weighing platforms or "heads," allowing it to weigh multiple items at once.

Cannabis multihead scales are commonly used in the cannabis industry to accurately measure and package products such as dried flower, concentrates, and edibles. They are usually precise to within a few tenths of a gram, and some models may even be able to measure down to the milligram level.

Cannabis Packing Machine

In addition to providing accurate weight measurements, many cannabis multihead scales also feature additional features such as automatic taring, weight accumulation, and the ability to connect to a computer or printer for record-keeping purposes.

It is important to use an accurate and reliable scale when weighing and measuring cannabis products, as precise measurements are necessary for compliance with state regulations, as well as for ensuring consistent and accurate dosing for medical and recreational users.

Cannabis weighing machine Main Feature:

• One of smallest and most precise multihead weigher in the world.

• Ultra-low target weights at high speed and unbelievable accuracy.

• Target weights from 0.5to 50g at speeds of up to 120 weighmentsper minute.

• Weight measures as low as 0.01g,target weights as low as 0.5g, accuracy as low as 0.03g.

• Applied 4.0 generation software advanced technologies, faster and more accurate than ever before, easier to clean and simpler to operate.

Accubal Cannabis weighing machine can weigh:




Milled cannabis (shake)

Cannabis Multihead weighing Solutions

Click on the video below to see how the 0.03g Accuracy Cannabis weighing machine works!


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