New Generation Standard Multihead Weigher

New Generation Standard Multihead Weigher

Food grade multi-head combination weighing

The standard multi-head combination scale features a stainless steel shell and is currently a prevalent application in the food industry. It is customizable and can be upgraded to be either waterproof or non-waterproof. Options for customization include the installation of a camera, the number of buckets, the number of heads, the layer material, and more.

This standard multi-head combination scale is suitable for weighing solid granules in various industries, including snack foods, nuts, potato chips, candies, dumplings, pet food, frozen food, fruits, vegetables, as well as the hardware and pharmaceutical industries.

Before making a purchase, kindly inform us about the materials you intend to weigh. We will then conduct a technical evaluation and recommend a more suitable model along with upgrade specifications tailored to your needs. What materials are you looking to weigh? We offer complimentary technical evaluation advice and product recommendations!


Snack food, Nuts, Potato chips, candy, dumplings, Pet food, Frozen food, Fruit, vegetable,etc food industry, hardware industry, pharmaceutical industry.


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