Noodle Product Multihead Weigher

Noodle Product Multihead Weigher

A noodle product multihead weigher is a type of weighing machine used in the food processing industry to accurately measure and dispense portions of noodle products. It typically consists of multiple weighing heads, each with its own set of load cells and hopper, that work together to weigh and dispense the product into packaging or containers. This type of weigher is commonly used in applications where high accuracy and speed are required, such as in food production and packaging lines.

For delicate or longer products, the Noodle Weigher allows products up to 300mm to be dispensed using exclusive and strong amplitude of linear feeder, strong dispersed performance ability.

Before making a purchase, kindly inform us about the materials you intend to weigh. We will then conduct a technical evaluation and recommend a more suitable model along with upgrade specifications tailored to your needs. What materials are you looking to weigh? We offer complimentary technical evaluation advice and product recommendations!


Snack food, Nuts, Potato chips, candy, dumplings, Pet food, Frozen food, Fruit, vegetable,etc food industry, hardware industry, pharmaceutical industry.


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