Super Precision Mini Multihead Weigher

Super Precision Mini Multihead Weigher

Stands for Accubal's smallest and most precise technology.

Introducing one of the smallest and most precise multihead weighers globally, this cutting-edge technology sets a new standard in precision weighing. Achieving ultra-low target weights with remarkable speed and accuracy, it operates with target weights ranging from 0.5 to 50g at speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute.

This ultra-precision multi-head combination offers unparalleled accuracy, with weight measures as low as 0.01g and target weights as precise as 0.5g, ensuring accuracy levels as tight as 0.03g. Powered by 4.0 generation software technologies, it's faster and more accurate than ever before, providing a seamless and efficient weighing solution. With enhanced features, it's also designed to be easier to clean and simpler to operate, marking a significant advancement in multihead weighing technology.

The ultra-precision multi-head combination scale is primarily customized for high precision requirements in products such as cannabis, dry flower, tea, etc.

Before making a purchase, kindly inform us about the materials you intend to weigh. We will then conduct a technical evaluation and recommend a more suitable model along with upgrade specifications tailored to your needs. What materials are you looking to weigh? We offer complimentary technical evaluation advice and product recommendations!


Snack food, Nuts, Potato chips, candy, dumplings, Pet food, Frozen food, Fruit, vegetable,etc food industry, hardware industry, pharmaceutical industry.


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