Meat Multihead Weighing and Packing Solutions

You can always find the right weighing equipment and packaging solutions for your meat, seafood and poultry processing business in Accubal. Accubal Meat multihead weighers are designed to meet the individual specifications of your application.

For weighing and packaging meat product, Accubal provides special sticky fresh food weigher, which is specifically designed for meat weighing and packing machine. In addition to weighing fresh meat, it can also weigh poultry, sea food, pickle, vegetable and other sticky ingredients.

Meat Weighing and Packing Machine

Sticky food meat multihead weighers

Sticky Food Multihead scales are commonly used in meat packing machines to accurately and efficiently package a variety of meat products, such as beef, pork, and poultry. These scales are equipped with multiple weighing heads, each of which can be used to weigh a different type or quantity of meat product.

In a meat packing machine, the multihead scale is typically integrated with other packaging equipment, such as a filling and sealing machine or a bagging machine. The scale can be programmed to dispense a specific weight or volume of meat product into each package, ensuring that the packages are accurately filled and labeled.

Using a multihead scale in a meat packing machine can help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the packaging process. It can also help to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, such as those governing the labeling and packaging of food products. Additionally, the use of a multihead scale can help to reduce waste and minimize the risk of overfilling or underfilling packages, which can help to save costs and improve the profitability of the meat packing process.

Weighing and packaging fresh & sticky products require the best clean and hygienic standards

• Interchangeable hopper design with a waterproof rating of IP65 enables easy maintenance and washdown.

Weighing technology for meat weighing and packaging process

• Screw feeder, belt type feeder and oscillation feeder can be an option according to materials.

• Scraper hopper for extra sticky products, also ensures the taste for pre-mixed food with sauce.

• Compact design minimizes the footprint.

• By using belt conveyor, minimize the sticking on the traditional collecting chute.

• 3-level hoppers including memory hoppers to achieve high speed and high accuracy.

Meat Weighing and Packing Machine

Click on the video below to see how the Meat Multihead Weigher packaging machine works!


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