• Sticky Food 10 Heads Multihead Weigher

Sticky Food 10 Heads Multihead Weigher

Hopper Volume:0.8L/1.5LSingle Weigh:20g-1000g
Max. Speed:≤60BPMAverage Tolerance:0.5g-3g


Sticky Food 10 Heads Multihead Weigher is specially designed for sticky and fresh products, difficult moving products such as fresh meat, preserved food, cooked rice, etc. Automatic feeder is optional according to materials, vibration, screw or conveyor are available.

Spicy fish, Sour bean, Pickles, dried radish and other material with sauce; jelly fish, poultry, meat.......etc which are processed with sauce, materials not easy to move by vibration.


Main Feature

Versatile Feeding Options:

The Sticky Food 10 Heads Multihead Weigher is equipped with various feeding options to suit your specific materials. You can choose from automatic feeders, including vibration, screw, or conveyor, ensuring that even the most difficult-to-handle products can be efficiently processed.

Screw Feeding and Scraper Hopper:

For those extra sticky products and pre-mixed foods with sauces, our weigher comes with a screw feeding mechanism and a scraper hopper. This innovative feature not only maintains the integrity of your products but also ensures that every portion retains its delicious taste.

Interchangeable Hopper Design:

Maintenance and cleanliness are paramount in food processing. Our multihead weigher boasts an interchangeable hopper design, making maintenance and washdown procedures a breeze. This user-friendly feature minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.

Customized Screw Feeders:

Different products demand different handling. That's why we offer optional extra sets of screw feeders, allowing you to tailor your multihead weigher to the specific needs of your product range. Versatility is key in today's dynamic food industry.

Compact and Space-Saving:

We understand the importance of space in your production environment. Our multihead weigher features a compact design that minimizes its footprint while maximizing its performance. This space-saving solution allows you to optimize your workspace efficiently.

Minimizing Stickiness with Belt Conveyor:

Traditional collecting chutes can be a magnet for stickiness, leading to inefficiencies in your production line. Our solution? By using a belt conveyor, we minimize sticking, ensuring that your products move smoothly and accurately through the weighing process.


Hopper No.10
Machine CategoryOscillation feeding pattern/Screw feeding pattern/Belt feeding pattern
Max. Weighing Speed (WPM)≤50BPM
Average Tolerance0.5g-3g
Hopper Volume800ml
Max.Single Discharge2000ml
Single Weigh20g-1000g
Single Max Length≤90mm
Water ProofIP65
Preset Number Program99
Display10.4 inch TFT colour screen
PowerSingle AC 220±10%; 50/60Hz; 1.9KW

Elevate your food processing capabilities with the Sticky Food 10 Heads Multihead Weigher. No more compromises on precision or product quality. Whether you're dealing with sticky, fresh, or challenging materials, our multihead weigher delivers the accuracy and efficiency your operation demands.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Sticky Food 10 Heads Multihead Weigher can enhance your production processes and help you achieve the highest standards in food processing. Your success is our priority.

Sticky Food 10 Heads Multihead Weigher

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Accubal Fresh Food Weigher sticky fish piece

Accubal Fresh Food Weigher sticky fish piece

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