Candy Weighing Machine

Accubalscale Candy Weighing Machine is the right candy weighing machine for your candy packaging machine, including gummy bear packaging and others.

Hard candies, Gummy candies, Chewing gum and Chocolate lentils

There are many types of candies, the differences in shape, viscosity, powdered sugar and other aspects require different multihead weigher to achieve high precision and high-efficiency production. Gummy candy requires special contact surface to prevent sticking to the hopper, while candy-coated chocolate beans and other candies need different modifications to better control their movement in the system.

Candy Weighing Machine

Candy Weighing Machine

Accubal provides a wide range of candy weighing and packaging machines, specifically designed for weighing, bagging, wrapping or container filling candy, including packaging hard or soft candy, wrapped candy, gummies and more.

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