Cereal Packaging Machine

Accubal Scale Cereal Packaging Machine features specialized weighing and vertical packing capability to package a wide diversity of cereal products. It is suitable for handling of dust-prone or sugar-covered products.

We can weigh all types of cereal applications including muesli, cornflakes, oatmeal & other grains, variations with nuts, dried fruits, chocolate.
Using Accubal professional weigher, which can optimize the packaging process of fragile and dust-prone products.

Cereal Packaging Machine

Cereal Packaging Machine

For Muesli, Oatmeal, Mixed nuts and Dry Fruits, etc. We offer specialized weighing solution-mixing weigher, capable of weighing mixing 2-5 different products while ensuring high speed and high accuracy.

Integrated Accubal multihead weigher with VFFS, pre-made bag, tray, jar, or bottle packing machine for various package styles and sizes.

Accuabl multihead weigher for oatmeal


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