Fruit and Salad Weighing Machine

Accubal Scale Fruit and Salad Weighing Machine is the perfect match for your Salad and Fruit Packaging Machine. Do not miss our high-quality Salad Weigher.

For vegetable, salad, fruit, farm product, Accubal provides special Large volume weigher, which can easily weigh big products.

Fruit and Salad Weighing Machine

Weighing and packaging vegetable and fruit products require the best clean and hygienic standards

• Fully sealed stainless steel housing meets the highest hygienic standards, with a waterproof rating of IP65, easy to clean and protects the inside of the fuselage.

Bigger hopper volume and stronger vibrator can easily handle big size product

• Anti-condensation processing device and 7.5L hopper can solve effectively large capacity or heavy materials weighing solution.

• Through the application of special Accubal weighing equipment, fresh and fragile products will be gently weighed during the packaging process, reducing the loss of the product.

Weighing technology for vegetable and fruit weighing and packaging process

• Speed of the main vibration and amplitude can be dynamically adjusted by display, to ensure loose or leafy product no sticking on the linear feeder.

• The feeding amount of conveyor can be controlled by an analog signal.

• The newest 4G mainboard is available to use the function of network, display with the USB connector and automatic program updates.

• Wide angle camera can control the materials operation status of main vibration plate and linear plate.

When weighing and packaging these fresh goods, special requirements must be considered.

These requirements play a key role in the planning process of your individual packaging line. In order to optimize your packaging process, our engineering team will provide you with support at any time to select and integrate the most suitable weighing machine for your packaging line.

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