• Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher

  • Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher

Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher

Hopper Volume:3LSingle Weigh:20g-1000g
Max. Speed:≤80BPMAverage Tolerance:0.5g-1.5g


When it comes to weighing and packaging stick-shaped products like lollipops, sausages, biscuits, sugar stick packs, and more, precision and efficiency are paramount. Our Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher is a specialized solution designed to cater specifically to the milk bar industry and other food products that are bar-shaped. With its unique features and innovative design, this multihead weigher takes your production to the next level.


Our multihead weigher is designed to excel in the milk bar industry and beyond. It's perfectly suited for weighing and packaging a wide range of stick-shaped products, ensuring they are dispensed efficiently and accurately into the packaging machine. From lollipops to sausages, this weigher has you covered.


Main Feature

1. Removable Insertion Parts:

Versatility is at the heart of our multihead weigher. It features removable insertion parts for both the feed bucket and weigh bucket. This adaptability allows seamless configuration changes to accommodate different product types, whether they are standard or strip materials. Say goodbye to production bottlenecks and hello to enhanced flexibility.

2. Independent Chute Design:

Our innovative independent chute design is engineered to ensure that stick-shaped products fall vertically into the packaging machine. This controlled and precise flow minimizes product waste and optimizes the accuracy of the weighing process. The result? Consistent and precise packaging every time.

3. Vertical Air Cylinder:

We've incorporated a vertical air cylinder into the design to maintain the order and alignment of materials during the bagging process. This intelligent feature prevents unnecessary product movement, ensuring each bag is filled uniformly. The result is enhanced presentation and the highest quality packaging for your products.


The Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher, model AB-E14-2B-3XT, offers impressive performance capabilities. Here are the key specifications:

Hopper No.14
Max. Weighing Speed (WPM)≤60BPM
Average Tolerance0.5g-1.5g
Hopper Volume750ml
Max Single Discharge1500ml
Single Weigh20g-1000g
Single Max Length≤120mm
Water ProofIP64/IP65 Optional
Preset Number Program99
Display10.4 inch TFT colour screen
PowerSingle AC 220±10%; 50/60Hz; 3.6KW

The Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher offers a comprehensive solution for businesses involved in the production and packaging of stick-shaped products. With its specialized features, including independent chute designs, removable insertion parts, and precise weighing capabilities, this weigher ensures efficient and accurate packaging processes. Enhance your packaging operations and streamline your stick-shaped product handling with the Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher today!

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Material Loading

Material Loading

Stable Hopper Motion

Stable Hopper Motion

Protection Cover Included

Protection Cover Included

Dustproof and waterproof, protect the machine, ensure the accuracy of the material, and extend the service life

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Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher

Stick-Shape Product Multihead Weigher


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