Special oat mixed weighing and packaging solution


Economic, Automated, high speed, accurate weighing & distribution solution specifically designed for handle mixing oat.

Main Machine List:Son-mother Weighing system (The top 3 sets multihead weigher for weighing dry fruit, the bottom 1 set multihead weigher for mixing and weighing oat and dry fruit)

Weight:352 grams
Speed: 40 bag/min
Accuracy: 0.5-1g

Special oat mixed weighing and packaging solution

Client requirement: mixing multiple materials into one bag , speed up to 30-50 pack/min.
This multihead weigher system can handle mixing oat, seeds, tea, coffee beans, nut ,etc.

Details: The top 3 sets weighers will weigh and fill dry fruit according to the formula, each weigher weight one kind of ingredient. 3 kinds of ingredients will be discharged to the bottom weigher for final mixing weighing. This design is to solve the weighing problem of multipul materials with its different target weigh. Ensure high-speed, accurate weighing, and save costs.


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