Dried Fruit Red Dates Multihead Weigher Packing Machine


Dried Fruit Red Dates Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

Our dried fruit multihead weigher packing machine is a fast, accurate and reliable dried fruit packing machine enhanced with weighing capability.

Main Machine List:AB-E10-2C-3XP 10 head multihead weigher with Rotary Jar Filler packing machine

Weight:114.5 grams red dates

Speed: 35 bag/min

Accuracy: 0.5-1g

Dried Fruit Packing Machine for Various Applications

Customer requirements:

the client needed to weigh red dates with a weight of 100-500g/bag, a speed of 30-40 bags/minute, and an accuracy of 1-2g.

This multihead weigher packing machine line is suitable for Red date packing machine project, walnut packaging machine project, dry fruit packing machine project, snack food packing machine project, candy packaging machine projects and etc.

What's the advantage and main features for this weigher?

· Nearly 30 new functions improvement from our old program

· New generation modular control-units with canbus architecture system

· 10% higher performance in practical-application

· fast & accurate

· easier and simple operation

· low cost for maintenance and spare parts

Most of our weigher are for food industry, so safety and hygiene is very important. All our product has passed CE, all the product contact surface we use food grade level stainless steel, higher anti-corrosion performance than normal brand stainless steel, With SGS test certificate.

The high speed weighing and packing system include of multihead weigher, rotary jar packaging machine, Z Type Bucket Elevator, take away conveyor, metal detector and check weigher. packaging speed can run 100 to 120 packs per min. Of course, we need to follow customer actual product status and other info to design or adjust our weigher to reach more accurate and high speed.


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