How can Accubal break the "wall" of homogenization in the packaging industry?


If you are looking for the right scale for your food packing machine. Accubalscale, a professional weighing equipment manufacturer, may be able to help you with that. We provide automatic weighing and packing machines with combination scale.

In Packaging, the market segment, is very important in the food industry. Packaging is one of the conditions for most food to enter the consumer market, and the main way to achieve packaging is to use packaging equipment, like food packing machine.

How can Accubal break the "wall" of homogenization in the packaging industry?cid=8

The global packaging machinery market scale shows a growing trend, some institutions estimate that the global market scope of packaging machinery and equipment is about $41.5 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach $45.9 billion by 2026.

Due to the continuous expansion of the market. In the past two years, more and more companies enter into packaging industry, which has led to the increasingly fierce market competition.

If packaging machinery want to break the homogenization "wall", manufacturers must improve the equipment structure and promote the development of multi-functional, combined and intelligent equipment.

Make Smart Choice for your Food Packing Machine

When designing the equipment, we optimize the equipment performance, and improve the stability and reliability of the machine. Reduce the equipment waste rate and failure rate, in order to promote the productivity, thus outstand the competitiveness.

How can Accubal break the "wall" of homogenization in the packaging industry?cid=8

Automatic Packing Machines

As a professional weighing equipment manufacturer with large output and great influence in the international market, Accubal Intelligent has always been committed to innovation and development, and developed a series of high-speed, stable and precision multihead weigher.

Accubal Automatic Packing Machines with Combination Scale

The picture above show Accubal intelligent weighing package solution, composed of feeder, working platform, Z-shape Bucket conveyor, multihead weigher, packaging machine, finished conveyor.

In the process of food packaging, the system can fully complete the whole process of feeding, weighing, filling bags, date printing, and material delivery.

Automatic weighing packaging system replaces the traditional manual weighing and packaging, with combination scale realize full automatic weighing. It adopts new generation modular control system with high measurement accuracy, fast speed and better stability. Suitable for candy, snack, seeds, nuts, puffed food, jelly, pasta, cereal, small biscuits, pet food and other dried granule product.

The weighed materials enter the packing machine, printing date, sealing, bag cutting, and then transported to the metal detector and check weigher through the finished product conveyor.

Our intelligent weighing packaging solution, can help enterprises to greatly improve efficiency, increase production capacity, with economic and practical. It has the characteristics of economic and practical, wide range of application and convenient maintenance, welcome to contact us!


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