Working Principle of Combinatorial Weighing


1. The working principle of the material from the conveyor to the storage hopper: when the material is filling to the predetermined horizontal position, the level sensor will detect and sends a stop feeding signal to the conveyor until the material level on the main vibration plate drops to the preset level, and the electronic eye will send a feeding signal to the conveyor again;

Multihead Weigher

2. Through the vibration of the main feeder plate, the material will evenly move the linear feeder from the main vibration plate, and feed to each linear feeder pan;

3. The vibrator makes the material discharged from the linear feeder plate through vibration and enters the hopper for weighing.

Here is Accubal Multihead Weigher

Multihead Weigher

4. When the weighing hopper has finished its final weighing and emptied, the feeding hopper is opened, the materials enter into the weighing hopper, and the weight of the weighing hopper is sent to the main board to record the weight of each weighing hopper, and then calculate, analyze, and combine to select the combination that is closest to the target weight.

5. When there is a signal that is allowed to discharge, the main board will issue the command to start the driver to open the selected weighing hopper. The material enters the hopper through the chute or directly into the packaging machine, and sends a signal to the packaging machine to complete the packaging.


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