Find the right multihead weigher for your products| Buyers’ Guide


The reason why we buy high-accuracy multihead weigher is mainly to improve the production efficiency while maintaining accuracy and stability. However, there are hundreds of combination scales on the market, it is really difficult to pick and choose. In order to allow customers to make better choices, today AccuBal will introduce to you the star product in the field of multihead weighers -- AccuBal high-precision, high-speed multihead weigher.

Find the right multihead weigher for your products| Buyers’ Guide

Find the right multihead weigher for your products| Buyers’ Guide

In my opinion, a good multihead weigher should have the following characteristics:

1. High precision

Speaking of weighing, the most important is accuracy. Looking at the domestic market, the problems of "low-end surplus" and "homogenized product surplus" are more serious. However, as a leader in the field of weighing, AccuBal has the international production level, and strives for breakthroughs and innovations, and constantly innovates technology.

After continuous persistence and research, Accubal innovated multihead weigher structure and upgrade accuracy. The measurement accuracy is much higher than the market, the program calculation is more quickly, the working speed is faster, and it can also operate normally in the face of special harsh conditions.

AccuBal multihead weigher comes standard with IP66 waterproof and anti-condensation design; at the same time, it has a networking function and can download production data via USB. In addition, our upgraded version of the combination weigher is also equipped with an HD camera, so that customers can monitor production in real-time; It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber and plastics, fishery, agriculture, logistics and many other industries.

2. Better configuration

The weighing sensor used in AccuBal multihead weigher has excellent performance, high precision, stability and durability, small size, convenient installation, and reliable quality, which makes it more sensitive, more accurate, more stable quality, and longer life!

While focusing on the sensor, we cannot ignore that our weighing bridge is made of high-strength steel integrated processing, simple installation, higher rust resistance, and strong impact resistance to ensure stability and flatness during weighing.

AccuBal can also provide different types of sensors for personalized selection according to the actual conditions and requirements of customers.

3. Perfect service system

From the perspective of accuracy, service and configuration, we can fully feel the strength of the AccuBal multihead weigher. But it is not enough for a good combination weigher to only achieve these. In order to create a better experience for customers, In addition to real-time location of abnormalities and troubleshooting, module conversion data signal anti-distortion, avoiding zero point instability, compensation correction, simple validation and high-intelligence operation, a complete service system is also necessary.

Speaking of the AccuBal service system, our clients generally feedback our products are "good quality, high precision, excellent service".

The result is our service runs through the entire pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales process from beginning to end. Customers don't know how to install and operate, and have all kinds of doubts when using? Don't worry, our engineers can solve all the problems for you!

You will find further information about the Accubal multihead weigher here

Accubal continues to enhance its original core competitiveness and actively satisfy customer's request needs. This enterprising attitude is the reason why Accubal multihead weighers have been favored by customers.


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