The working principle of multi-head scale


The working principle of multi-head scale

1, the hoist feeding through the feeding plate, so that the material concentrate on the main vibration plate, and then through the main vibration plate vibration, so that the material in the main vibration plate on the material evenly distributed to the wire plate.

2, when the material on the plate is not or not enough to be measured by the level of photoelectric detector, the motherboard issued a signal, and then through the motherboard to the elevator to send feed signal feed.

3, the vibrating machine vibration, through the amplitude and line vibration feeding time to send the material to each buffer bucket.

4, stepper motor work, open the bucket of the hopper to the material into the weighing bucket, when the combination of weighing bucket to put material or when the heavy bucket in the material is not enough, the buffer bucket will automatically flow into the weighing bucket.

5, the material in the weighing bucket, through the sensor to generate weight signals, through the AD module processing into digital signals and through the data bus to the intelligent control device of the motherboard.

6, the CPU on the motherboard to read and record the weight of each weighing bucket, and then through calculation, analysis, combination, screening, select the closest to the target weight of the combination weighing bucket, and issued a combination of weighing materials ready to release the ready signal.

7, when the CPU received the packaging machine issued to allow the release of the signal, the CPU issued a command to start the driver Drive stepper motor, open the selected weighing bucket, the material unloaded into the chute into the set hopper.

If there is no hopper on the direct access to the packaging machine, and to the packaging machine issued already discharged the discharge signal.

8, weighing bucket after the material, the buffer bucket will be in time to weigh the weight, weighing, combination, for the next release preparation.

The working principle of multi-head scale


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