Play with smart technology: Enter the field of AccuBal smart weighing that you never knew before


Efficient and effective production requires technology innovation. Accubal Intelligent rely on extraordinary technical creativity, master the intelligent weighing technology and make continuous progress.

As the saying goes, All bark and no bite. today, we will show you the field of AccuBal intelligent weighing technology!

In the production process, do you often feel helpless because the raw material weighing is not accurate enough? Are you still crazy about how to choose high-precision, reliable and stable weighing equipment?

Don't worry, see how this super "teammate"-the AccuBal Intelligent Multihead weigher can help you achieve success and get the best benefits!

Play with smart technology: Enter the field of AccuBal smart weighing that you never knew before

AccuBal Intelligent Multihead Weigher

With more than ten years of development history in the field of automated weighing, AccuBal Intelligent has been studying the most advanced intelligent weighing technology for a long time. Our star product: AccuBal Intelligent Multihead weigher is moving towards automation and informatization at an excellent speed.

Ensure that the food manufacturer's production process is systematized, simplified, and streamlined, which greatly improves production efficiency and saving costs.

1. Popularity depends on hard-core strength:

AccuBal intelligent multihead weigher accuracy is much higher than the market average, which can eliminate your concerns about inaccurate weighing; at the same time, our vibration compensation device can help you reduce the impact of external vibration on weighing, and truly achieve high-precision weighing.

2. Innovation is not just words:

Accubal Intelligent Combination weigher adopts internationally leading innovative technology. The newly-added main vibration sensor and automatic material shortage shutdown function are popular with customers. The Rotatable main vibrator makes the flow of materials more convenient, High-precision digital load cell, IP66 waterproof and dustproof design, super-automatic fault diagnosis, automatic statistics of production data, multi-language interchange, and 99 sets of product parameters can be stored in advance.

3. The "most powerful brain" in the weighing field:

To satisfy customers' unified control of multiple multihead weighers, and to facilitate customers to obtain weighing data in time, the AccuBal intelligent multihead weigher can not only be connected to a computer and display all the data directly but also can connect 15 combination weighers in a workshop. Being able to operate on the same computer at the same time, provides great convenience for many large enterprises.

4. International production standards:

AccuBal intelligent combination weigher in perfect workmanship, using the highest quality stainless steel materials. The production of the product has a complete set of test systems to ensure the service life and safety of product parts and machines.

It is precise because the AccuBal intelligent multihead weigher strictly implements international production standards, that the products have been widely recognized by customers around the world.

Beside, AccuBal also incorporates a personalized design concept, which can provide customized smart weighing solutions for customers in different fields. If you want to know more related information, or are looking for more professional and detailed For selection guidance, maintenance and care skills, please contact us in time.

Play with smart technology: Enter the field of AccuBal smart weighing that you never knew before


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