How to Pack Food Using a Multihead Weigher


If you want to weigh food products for packaging in a fast, reliable and accurate way, a multihead weigher is an ideal solution. This multihead weighing machine is extremely flexible and works with different types of packaging. Discover here how the multihead works and what the advantages are.


How does a multihead weigher work?

Memory Hopper 16 Heads Multihead Weigher


A multihead weigher consists of storage containers or storage bins, also called poolhoppers, and weighing bins or weighing hoppers. Before using the multihead, you must set the target weight for the specific product. For example, a target weight per package can be 250 grams. The product is fed to the top of the weigher and distributed to the storage containers by vibrating chutes. As soon as a weigh bin is empty, the product falls from the pool hopper into it.


The weigher's computer analyses the weight in each individual weighing bin and determines the best possible combination between the different weighing bins to achieve the target weight. When the suitable combination has been found, the hoppers of the corresponding weighing bins open and the content is transported to the packaging machine. There, the product either ends up in bags, or through a distribution system in trays or bins.


The food product is spread over the weighing machine by gravity, vibration or centrifugal force. Feeding is also by vibration or gravity, but also by belts or screw systems.


An extra layer of hoppers ('booster hoppers') can be added to store product that has been weighed in the weigh hoppers but not used in a weighing. This increases the number of suitable combinations for the computer and thus the speed and accuracy.


The advantages of a multihead weigher


A multihead weigher eliminates all manual handling, which saves time and money. Moreover, the weigher is extremely accurate and very fast. The margin of error for the weighed products is therefore very small. The weigher can automatically sort or mix different types of products. For example, it is possible to set up how different ingredients with different cost prices should be mixed.

Memory Hopper 16 Heads Multihead Weigher


Types of packaging


The machine is very flexible in terms of types of packaging because the weigher can handle various weights and you can program with the computer. This allows you to vary the size of the bags, for example. The most common types of packaging are:


ㆍPillow bags

ㆍStandable bags

ㆍSingle gusset

ㆍDouble gusset

ㆍBlock bottom



ㆍBag in bag


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