AccuBal Intelligent Multihead Weigher: Breakthrough the limitations and Leading New concepts in the industry


China intelligent weighing industry has a long history of development. Since the 1990s, the bulk and unpackaged sales model has been gradually replaced by "pre-packaged goods", which won the popularity of many consumers for its convenience, sanitary, efficiency, diversification and colorful packaging. With the growing demand of the market, the multihead weigher come out to be the first modernization weighing equipment.

Till today, the intelligent weighing industry has achieved a good development trend. At the same time, it is also facing a huge bottleneck:

Facing the changing market demand, how to overcome difficulties with technology and innovation to meet the needs of the customer for high-speed, high-precision, and high-stability product packaging?

Accubal Intelligent multihead weigher, Leading New concepts in the industry.

AccuBal Intelligent Multihead Weigher: Breakthrough the limitations and Leading New concepts in the industry

For most small and medium-sized enterprises in China, the research and development cost of the combination weigher production is limited. In terms of intelligence, compared with similar products in foreign countries, Chinese products have a certain gap. The use process is greatly affected by the outside world and itself, and some problems are inevitable, like actual use accuracy is not high, the error is 1%~5% or even greater; It is difficult to maintain the accuracy during installation and maintenance is cumbersome.

As one of the earliest companies in China that focused on the research of gravity weighing technology, AccuBal Intelligent has been through all the troubles, has continued to grow stronger and bigger, and has grown into an internationally renowned leader in automatic weighing equipment.

At that time, China industrial weigher were mainly traditional scales designed based on primary electronic principles, while multihead weigher were difficult to produce  due to high content of technology and high precision manufacturing requirements. Those who could produce such high-end multihead weigher were all Large companies overseas.

Face with industry limitations and problems, Accubal Intelligent focus on researching weighing instrument technology, invested huge R & D costs every year, continuously studied and explored, and Persist in comprehensive innovation from product innovation to technological innovation, market innovation, and organizational form innovation. Independently researched and developed a multihead weigher made in China, which is truly high-precision, fast, stable, and intelligent.

It is worth mentioning that, compared with foreign products, the Accubal intelligent multihead weigher is more cost-effective and has lower labor costs, management costs and raw material costs; we can also provide customized solutions for customer needs, which are stable The excellent performance and honest after-sales service have won the favor and admiration of a large number of food manufacturers, and the products are popular all over the world.


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