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Weight feeder with the selection of three key(Ⅱ)

A loss-in-weight feeder's main purpose is to accurately feed the ingredient at the desired set point. The weight feedback control requires that each screw flight is filled with the same weight of ingredient. 


The screw is a component that feeds the feeder, and the stirrer ensures that the feed can be filled evenly. Therefore, to achieve the maximum speed and minimum feed rate for the target to select the appropriate screw. The screw diameter and pitch dimensions are designed to achieve feed rates at inspection equipments. In the case where the screw speed is too low, may result in an undesirable change in the final product. Excessive screw speed may cause the screw to not fill completely.


In general, a screw feeder device with a flexible wall / outer paddle massage spirals is preferred for weight input options. There must be sufficient screw flights exposed openly in the bottom of the screw trough so that complete and repeatable filling occurs before the ingredient is enclosed in the screw tube.