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Combination weigher solutions of fresh products

Recently, a weighing solution developed specifically for the characteristics of fresh produce has been shown on a large platform by the packaging machine manufacturers, and the introduction of this solution ensures optimum handling and accurate weighing of specific product types.


Combination weigher requires extremely high accuracy and efficiency, can minimize error discharge, improve efficiency, improve weighing accuracy and consistency.


Strict quality control is an important requirement for food packaging machine, so metal detectors are a very important tool for identifying all kinds of foreign matter in bulk or packaged products, including stone, glass, metal and dense plastic.


Packaging machine sealing tool to choose the flexibility to meet the short-term operational needs. Requires simple control, quick setup and quick release to ensure quick replacement of film and sealing tools. In addition, the size of the tool can not be too large, to reduce the footprint, easy to move to the desired place at any time.