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Working principle of combinatorial weighing
Jun 12, 2018

1, the material from the material conveyor to the storage hopper, when the material is added to a predetermined horizontal position, the electronic eye on one side of the hopper detects and signals the conveyor to stop feeding until the material level position on the hopper drops to the preset horizontal position, and the electronic eye emits the feed signal again;

2, the material in the storage hopper, through the vibration of the main vibration to make the material from the main vibration plate evenly fall into the line vibration plate, to each line vibration plate feeding;

3. The vibration of the vibrating machine makes the material be discharged from each line vibration plate and enters into the hopper to store it;

4, when weighing the bucket to complete the last weighing and emptying, the upper feed hopper open to weigh the weight of the material into the weighing, the output signal transmits data through the lead to the motherboard of the control device, the CPU on the motherboard reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket, and then calculates, analyses, and combines to select the combination weighing bucket that is closest to the target weight.

5, when there is a permit to discharge the signal, the CPU issued a command to start the drive to open the selected weighing bucket, the material through the chute into the hopper or directly into the packaging machine, and issued the discharge of the discharge signal to the packaging machine in order to complete the packaging.

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