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Weight feeder with the selection of three key(Ⅰ)

Many loss in weight feeders are incorporated into the screw as a feed device to improve their feed accuracy. Each of the selecte feed units has a series of screws with different diameters and spaces available. Each manufacturer offers a range of modes that can provide feed rates over the full range of normal applications.


The spiral groove is a key component of the screw feeder. It is connected from the entrance, connected to the extension hopper size to converge, and into the screw. The conversion is included in the mass of the dry ingredients from the larger size extension hopper into the smaller size screw feeder. The agitator is incorporated in the screw groove to prevent the formation of the bridge.


The weight feeder begins with the selection of three key components:Screw troughs, agitators, and screws It is necessary to understand the different types and their respective advantages / disadvantages of witnesses using the samples of the difficult components to be supplied. The alternatives in the feeder manufacturer's facilities are worthwhile in the selection process.