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The twin-screw extrusion processes

Every business wants to increase profits. Packaging machine manufacturers can deploy many strategies to do so that can fall across various areas of the business, such as reducing inventory, negotiating lower prices from suppliers, or increasing marketing efforts, to name a few.


To achieve the highest throughput rates, screw feeder must deliver an accu-rate and consistent feed to the extruder. To do this, the feed system must be designed according to the materials and throughput rates being fed. Easily fluidizing powders are handled well by a feeder with twin, narrow-pitch, con- cave augers, as the smaller clearances and longer path to the discharge abate the fluidization behavior. On the other hand, solid polymer pellets may become impinged in the tight clearances between these screws, so pellets benefit from being fed with a coarse-pitch, inspection equipments. Other materials, such as wet or cohesive aggregates, tend to be best suited for a belt feeder rather than a screw feeder.


As always, your twin-screw extruder manufacturer is a good first point of contact for process-optimization advice.