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The accuracy of the feed rate

A loss-in-weight feeder incorporates a feeder mounted on a scale. The accuracy of the feed rate can help the manufacturer to reduce the necessary losses and control the feedrate by giving the speed setpoint and the weight of the short precise time period.

Feed rate accuracy testing in production is often performed by shutting the line down, exposing the multihead weigher outlet tube, and placing a collection container beneath this outlet tube. The feeder is then operated. A timed sample is collected and then placed on a scale to be weighed. With this method, the feed rate calculation will not be as precise as the calculation previously done in the feeder manufacturer’s performance test lab.


In order to improve the feed rate accuracy, the packaging machine manufacturers has developed a more advanced production method.The screw speed of the lower volatility, can make the feed speed to achieve higher accuracy.


As mentioned above, it is important to increase the accuracy of the production process, the optimum screw diameter and pitch (assuming the feeder is a screw feeder), the screw speed at each feed rate, and the screw speed Changes in the weight of the device will affect the accuracy.