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Prevent dust from entering the package

Even the most advanced packaging process, dust and particles in the air can cause problems. Like grated coffee, protein powder, flour, and even some dry snacks and pet food products, in your packaging environment will produce a considerable amount of dust.


The following are several ways of modern food packaging machine that can help reduce or eliminate the negative effects of dust on your automated packaging lines:


1. Enclosed Jaw Drives

If you work in a dusty packaging equipment or have a dusty product, it is vital to drive the sealing jaws in your packaging machine to prevent particles in the air.


2.Dust Proof Enclosures

Electrical enclosure or pneumatic components must be properly protected against dust entry in order to maintain their normal function. When buying a dusty environment for packaging equipment, make sure the machine has an IP (entrance protection) rating for your application.


3.Static Elimination Bars

When the plastic packaging film is released through the weight checking machine, it can produce static electricity, so that the powder or dust products adhere to the film inside. This may cause the product to end in the package seal, as described above, in order to maintain the integrity of the package, this should be avoided. To overcome this, you can add a static erase bar during the packaging process.