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Multihead weigher improve the food packaging speed

The key to the success of the multihead weigher is that it can produce a high amount of food packaging with minimal raw material consumption ,and it has the flexibility to respond to a variety of packaging and production requirements, primarily for the food and beverage industry. During packaging, it is particularly important to ensure that the production is uninterrupted, so the system can temporarily store the product at work (eg, inspection equipments), the so-called process (in progress).



The product is then fed back to the weight feeder and packaging system to return the packaging operation to full speed. In addition, the line is connected to another processing and packaging line of the factory so that the product can be easily switched online to cope with high demand.


Centralized control of the line to ensure fast and effective changes. The 24 scales are divided into four sections, weighing one quarter of each weighing head, weighing six heads, treating the food as efficiently as possible, and maximizing the packing speed.