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Global demand for prepared foods is growing – a whole host of ready meals, food on-the-go, plus a huge variety of snack products are now available for consumers and the trend looks set to continue.




Product diversification is critical to meet ever-changing consumer demands and stay ahead of the competition. Choosing the right food packaging machine is a vital step in the development of any product, and the food and confectionery industry in particular is continuing to develop new, innovative and attractive ideas for packaging their products. A huge variety of different pack shapes with clever design, eye-catching graphics, easy open features and shelf-ready capability are now on offer to tempt the consumer even more – and to help brands stand out on shelf.


A consistent part of food waste occurs during distribution and final consumption. A packaging equipment system that reduces waste during these phases results in significant benefits. On the other hand, ensuring one or two more days of shelf life helps keeping food from being thrown away if not consumed immediately at home after purchase.


significantly extend the fresh produce shelf life and  improve our customers’ competitiveness; reduce food waste, which is a problem of both an ethical and environmental nature; maintain the taste and texture of the products  and improve food safety for the consumer.