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Automated Fixed Weight Pack Weighing For "Packaging Vegetables"

Weighing solutions have now become the main preparation of many of the multihead weigher, salad and vegetable packaging in the UK is the main sales industry.


"Packaging Vegetables" are fixed with weight and efficiency, efficiency and accuracy. Minimize and waste. Vegetables are the main sales of food in the UK, the annual sales have been very high, but because of the length of some vegetables and the special weight of the material, when weighing a great challenge. Combination weigher by constantly re-adjusting the packaging to get the best weight and over-packaging, whether it is the average or the minimum weight is a direct impact on the overall profitability of the common problems.

For  vegetable food packaging tools, it is necessary to automate the effort to minimize labor and speed up the operation, using a food packaging machine that can reduce waste and error to get the best weight and minimize, while significantly increasing automation Level and quickly to the packaging line.